• The main committee consists of the President of the Sami Parliament Aili Keskitalo, Mayor of Trondheim, Rita Ottervik, County Mayor Tore O. Sandvik, Sør-Trøndelag county and county council for education and culture, May Britt Lagesen, Nord-Trøndelag county.
  • The controller group consists of leader Magne Svineng from the Sami Parliament, Rune Kjenstad, Trondheim, Knut Wik Sør-Trøndelag county, Lennart Mikkelsen from the Sami Parliament, and Kristin Sara from the project Samisk Rom.
  • Project management: Project manager Ida Marie Bransfjell, producer Kari Thorvik and press and media manager Johanne Sundby.
  • Reference groups: reference groups / persons and institutions with important expertise within Sami language, culture and history will be appointed as needed.


Sametinget Norge

Sametinget Sverige

Sametinget Finland

Sámiráddi / Saami Council / Samerådet

Samisk parlamentarisk råd

NORD universitet – sørsamisk, historisk forskningsprosjekt