Bååstede - tilbakeføring av samisk kulturarv

Tue 7. Feb 11.00 - 15.00

The mezzanine of the Archbishop's Palace Museum (map)

Free entrance

Sámi cultural heritage coming home to be managed locally. Ancestral material cultural heritage as inspiration and grounds for wonder, admiration and the develop

The Sámi Collection at the Norwegian Museum of Cultural History in Oslo consists of a variety of cultural-historical artefacts from the period from 1862 to the 1950s collected from all over Sápmi.

Today, we take pleasure in the fact that such a cultural-historical collection exists, but historical power dynamics set a backdrop for how the collection was created and how it must be viewed. Acknowledgement of these historical facts is also an important part of the background for the initiative for the Bååstede Project. Viewed through this backdrop, this exhibition is intended to provide visual images to reinforce the picture of Sámi life around 1900 through artefacts and pictures of artefacts that were important for their everyday lives and celebrations. They continue to be important today. At the same time, this homecoming can be considered part of a conciliatory and healing process for all involved and, in particular, for the Sámi community on the receiving end.

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